About us…we are about QUALITY!

Silk is a family-owned and operated restaurant serving quality Asian cuisine since 2012.

However, Silk is just a piece of the grand picture. Our history and love of quality food stems from Mrs. Kim (also known as Mama-san by close friends), who is the matriarch of the Kim family. She has been the foundation in what to look for in foods prepared with love at her restaurant. Her keen sense of taste and properly prepared dishes is the base for ensuring that her guests have a memorable time.

Her love of food started as a little girl growing up in South Korea, in a province called Jul La Do(known for amazing chefs). She watched her own grandmother who took the kitchen very seriously, oversee many parties and gatherings. For her grandmother, every ingredient had to be at its best and together, prepared to perfection. If it wasn’t, it would have to be remade.

Mrs. Kim has been involved with many restaurants that have been touched by her “eye” for quality. She is a long time Alaskan since 1979 and has been in the food industry for over 20 years.

At SILK, we have a playful menu of asian cuisine. When you are dining with us, be ensured that Um-Ma (Mother in Korean) is back in the kitchen making sure your dish is touched by love.

Call for reservations:
Monday-Saturday: 11am–9pm
Sunday: Closed